Announcing World Robotics League Season 2020

World Robotics League is starting its season for 2020. With current COVID-19 situation, WRL is providing an innovative method for all the teams to participate. Using our online platform, it becomes easier for various teams to learn and share.

To keep the teams engaged, challenges are offered on a regular basis at intervals of 2-4 weeks. The challenges are offered in the order of increasing complexity and align with the skills learnt.  By design, the team sizes are defined so that every participant has equal opportunity to learn and explore. Another key differentiator of WRL is that it is not limited by control/programmable platform such as Lego, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or other Android based controls as well as structural functional platforms such Lego-Technic, Servocity, Gobilda, Rev or any other custom machined and 3D printed elements.

World Robotics League Competitive program is available to participants of all ages and skill levels. The focus of World Robotics League® is almost purely on Technical Merit and Provable Excellence from Participants. Advancement of a participant to any of the level is determined, regardless of their potential, based solely on proven solid foundation of skills in design, programing and process planning for various automated and semi-automated Robotic systems.

Participation and performance in each WRL challenge entitles the participant to certain score. Cumulative score over a specified duration is indicator of individuals preparedness to move to next platform and skill.

Inherent also to the framework of WRL is the idea that competitive Robotics needs to go beyond 2D surfaces. The Robot need to venture into 3D terrains, unknown environment where environment perception is done with the help of Sensors and cameras. WRL also includes underwater and aerial Robotics. Many WRL challenges incorporate industrial elements such as material handling, pick and assemble, material reconfiguration, warehouse sorting etc.

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